EEPROM Programmer

Main features

  • Very fast speed
  • Plug-and-Play sockets
  • SPI devices support
  • I2C devices support
  • Microwire devices support
  • From 1V to 5V devices support
  • User defined Clk
  • Full and Partial IC Read/Write/Erase (addr, page) modes
  • Checksum and Hash calculation
  • Powerful scripts

Supported SPI EEPROM models

Atmel: AT25010B, AT25020B, AT25040B, AT25080B, AT25160B, AT25320B, AT25640B, AT25128B, AT25256B, AT25512, AT25M01, AT25M02.

Catalyst: CAT25C01, CAT25C02, CAT25C04, CAT25C08, CAT25C16.

Microchip: 25AA010A, 25LC010A, 25AA020A, 25LC020A, 25AA040A, 25LC040A, 25AA080C, 25LC080C, 25AA080D, 25LC080D, 25AA160C, 25LC160C, 25AA160D, 25LC160D, 25AA320, 25LC320, 25AA640, 25LC640, 25AA128, 25LC128, 25AA256, 25LC256, 25A512, 25AA512, 25LC512, 25AA1024, 25LC1024.

ROHM: BR25H010-W, BR25H020-W, BR25H040-W, BR25H080-W, BR25H160-W, BR25H320-W, BR25H640-W, BR25H010-2C, BR25H020-2C, BR25H040-2C, BR25H080-2C, BR25H160-2C, BR25H320-2C, BR25H640-2AC, BR25H640-2C, BR25H128-2AC, BR25H128-2C, BR25H256-2AC, BR25A512-3M, BR25A1M-3M.

ST: M95010-R, M95010-W, M95020-R, M95020-W, M95040-DF, M95040-R, M95040-W, M95080-A125, M95080-A145, M95080-DF, M95080-DRE, M95080-R, M95080-W, M95160-A125, M95160-A145, M95160-DF, M95160-DRE, M95160-R, M95160-W, M95320-A125, M95320-A145, M95320-DF, M95320-DRE, M95320-R, M95320-W, M95640-A125, M95640-A145, M95640-DF, M95640-DRE, M95640-R, M95640-W, M95128-A125, M95128-A145, M95128-DF, M95128-DRE, M95128-R, M95128-W, M95256-A125, M95256-A145, M95256-DF, M95256-DRE, M95256-R, M95256-W, M95512-A125, M95512-A145, M95512-DF, M95512-DRE, M95512-R, M95512-W, M95M01-A125, M95M01-A145, M95M01-DF, M95M01-R, M95M02-A125, M95M02-DR.

Supported I2C EEPROM models

Atmel: AT24C01, AT24C01A, AT24C01B, AT24C02, AT24C02A, AT24C02B, AT24C02C, AT24C04, AT24C04A, AT24C04B, AT24C08, AT24C08A, AT24C08B, AT24C16, AT24C16A, AT24C16B, AT24C16C, AT24C32, AT24C32A, AT24C32B, AT24C32C, AT24C32D, AT24C64, AT24C64A, AT24C64B, AT24C64C, AT24C64D, AT24C128, AT24C128B, AT24C128C, AT24C256, AT24C256B, AT24C256C, AT24C512, AT24C512B, AT24C512C

Microchip: 24AA01, 24AA014, 24AA014H, 24AA01H, 24AA02, 24AA024, 24AA024H, 24AA025, 24AA02H, 24AA04, 24AA04H, 24AA08, 24AA08H, 24AA16, 24AA16H, 24AA32, 24AA32A, 24AA64, 24AA64F, 24AA128, 24AA256, 24AA512, 24FC64, 24FC128, 24FC256, 24FC512, 24LC01, 24LC014, 24LC014H, 24LC01B, 24LC01BH, 24LC02, 24LC024, 24LC024H, 24LC025, 24LC02B, 24LC02BH, 24LC02W, 24LC04, 24LC04B, 24LC04BH, 24LC08, 24LC08B, 24LC08BH, 24LC16, 24LC164, 24LC16B, 24LC16BH, 24LC32, 24LC32A, 24LC32B, 24LC64, 24LC64B, 24LC64F, 24LC65, 24LC128, 24LC256, 24LC512

Supported Microwire EEPROM models

Atmel: AT93C46D, AT93C46E, AT93C56B, AT93C66B, AT93C86A.

Microchip: 93AA46A, 93AA46B, 93AA46C, 93C46A, 93C46B, 93C46C, 93LC46A, 93LC46B, 93LC46C, 93AA56A, 93AA56B, 93AA56C, 93C56A, 93C56B, 93C56C, 93LC56A, 93LC56B, 93LC56C, 93AA66A, 93AA66B, 93AA66C, 93C66A, 93C66B, 93C66C, 93LC66A, 93LC66B, 93LC66C, 93AA76A, 93AA76B, 93AA76C, 93C76A, 93C76B, 93C76C, 93LC76A, 93LC76B, 93LC76C, 93AA86A, 93AA86B, 93AA86C, 93C86A, 93C86B, 93C86C, 93LC86A, 93LC86B, 93LC86C.

ST: M93C46-R, M93C46-W, M93C56-R, M93C56-W, M93C66-R, M93C66-W, M93C76-R, M93C76-W, M93C86-R, M93C86-W.