NAND Programmer


Main features:

  • Very fast (up to 20MiB/s), working faster than the “fastest” ChipProg-481.
  • Plug-and-Play sockets
  • NAND x8 and x16 devices support
  • NAND 1V8 and 3V3 devices support
  • NAND multichip devices (up to 4 CE) support
  • ONFI devices support
  • Legacy (by ID) devices support
  • User-defined NAND devices support
  • User-defined device voltage support (0.01V step)
  • Full and Partial flash Read/Write/Erase (addr, page, block)
  • ECC data correction during Read/Verify (Hamming, BCH…)
  • User defined ECC algo, params and location
  • Checksum and Hash calculation
  • BAD blocks detection and management
  • BAD blocks Save/Restore feature (including bads data)

Supported devices:

All single and multi-chip NAND IC’s with x8 or x16 bus and any voltage from 1V2 to 3V6. If you want to add your NAND device or use custom parameters – just place “your_id.nand” file to FlashIDs folder. Custom .NAND user configuration file example:

Manufacturer = Spansion
Name = S34ML01G204
PageData = 2048
PageSpare = 64
PagesInBlock = 64
Blocks = 1024
Width = 16
Voltage = 3300
SerialAccess = 25
AddrCyclesCol = 2
AddrCyclesRow = 2