Scripting Language

    The UFPI Scripting Language (USCR) it’s powerful C-like scripting language. USCR primitives have direct matches in C++ (e.g., void, int8, int16, int (int32), int64, uint8, uint16, uint (uint32), uint64, float, double, bool). USCR has a registered string type and uses the standard std::string C++ string type. Script file can be encoded with ASCII or UTF-8. USCR functions uses internal memory buffer during execution. To access this buffer, use TBUFFER global object and his member functions. USCR does not have a built-in dynamic array type. Every USCR script must have main function, “hello world” script code:

int main()
    print( "Hello world!" );
    return 0;

Every script have global functions, objects and enum values. Such global objects as TSPIFI or TI2C defined only with connected SPIFI or I2C sockets. Other details can be found in the UFPI Scripting Language User Manual.