NAND TSOP48 Socket

Built with high quality Wells-CTI (USA, Japan) NAND TSOP48 Socket. Beryllium copper alloy contact, gold over nickel contact plating, contact normal force 40 grams, contact resistance 50 mW, dielectric 300V AC for 1 minute, temperature rating 150°C, insulation resistance 5000 MW at 500V DC, durability 10000 cycles min.

Socket features:

  • Plug-and-Play
  • NAND x8 and x16 devices support
  • NAND 1V8 and 3V3 devices support
  • NAND multichip devices (up to 4 CE) support
Socket PCB and parts:

R1 – 1K
R2 – 1K
R3 – 1K
R4 – 1K
R5 – 10K
R6 – 220R
C1, C2 – 0.1 uF