Legend: [+] Feature added [-] Bug fixed [*] Behavior changed [!] Important

V2.1.6 (2024-05-16)
[+] Added Realtek RTS545x support (MCU)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MICRON_P2K_SP128_CW4_S64L16HW (HWECC for Micron MT29F2G01ABAGD, F50L2G41XA)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme RTD_P2K_SP128_CW4_D6L20
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SIRF_P4K_SP128_CW8_S24L13_S8L4
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SUNPLUS_P2K_SP128_CW2_S22L42
[+] Added BBT Linux P2KS1 Bbt0, Linux P2KS1 1tbB (NAND)
[+] Added BBT Linux P4KS16 Bt0 v1, Linux P4KS16 1tB v1 (NAND)
[+] Added BBT Linux P2KS16S32 Bbt v1, Linux P2KS16S32 1tb v1 (NAND)
[+] Added BBT Linux P2KD0 Bbt0, Linux P2KD0 1tbB (NAND)
[+] Added 'Image' parametr in [DESC] section (UDEV)
[+] Added 'FileNameRead' parametr in [DESC] section (UDEV)
[+] Added 'FileNameWrite' parametr in [DESC] section (UDEV)
[+] Added clock value on clock mode option button (EEPROM, SPI, SNAND)
[-] Fixes in UBI volumes scanning (Dump Analysis)
[-] Minor bug fixes

V2.1.5 (2024-04-11)
[+] Added Nuvoton NPCX797, NPCX897 support (MCU)
[+] Added JEDEC ID reading for Nuvoton mcu's (MCU)
[+] Added UID and OTP reading for Nuvoton mcu's (MCU)
[+] Added SPI registers R/W functions for Nuvoton mcu's (MCU)
[+] Added SPI model selection for Nuvoton mcu's (MCU)
[+] Added Nuvoton NPCE flash loader V2 (MCU)
[+] Added SWD protocol support (MCU)
[+] Added 5V ON/OFF functions for VGA/HDMI rev.B socket
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SIRF_P2K_SP64_CW2_S12L21_S8L4
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MARVEL_P2K_SP64_CW4_S4L13
[+] Added new NOR database format
[+] Added NOR user database
[+] Added sector protection/unprotection functions and menu (NOR)
[+] Added info about ASP and PPB lock state (NOR)
[+] Added Sector Protection Check function (NOR)
[+] Added DYB Set, DYB Clear, PPB Clear All functions (NOR)
[+] Added PPB Set, PPB Erase All functions (NOR)
[+] Added Intel J3X, P3X unlock functions (NOR)
[+] Added Samsung K8Pxx15 unlock functions (NOR)
[+] Added new SPI and NOR models

V2.1.4 (2024-02-05)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ATMEL_P4K_SP224_CW8_S120L13
[+] Added ECC correction scheme AMLOGIC_P4K_SP256_CW8_D2L14
[+] Added ECC correction scheme AMLOGIC_P2K_SP128_CW4_D2L14
[+] Added 8-Bit NOR ID detection with continuation code 0x7F
[+] Added DoNotWriteBlank param in DESC section (UDEV)
[+] Added new NAND database format
[+] Added NAND user database
[+] Added NAND UID reading (0xED) for all NAND manufacturers
[+] Added ITE8220 ID (ITE8225E-128)
[+] Added LG BBMINFO BBT create feature
[-] Fixed bug in manual BBT settings
[-] Fixed ECCBits range in NAND model
[-] Fixes in Linux BBT functions

V2.1.3 (2023-12-07)
[+] Added UDEV Multi ECC mode
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S6L3
[+] Added ECC correction scheme FREESCALE_P2K_SP64_CW1_S19L45
[+] Added ECC correction scheme FREESCALE_P2K_SP64_CW1_S4L60
[+] Added ECC correction scheme FREESCALE_P2K_SP64_CW1_S20L44CUT
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HISILICON_P2K_SP64_CW2_D4L28P02
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HISILICON_P2K_SP128_CW2_D4L28P02
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HUGHES_P2K_SP64_CW4_D0L7P01
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MICRON_P2K_SP64_CW4_S8L8HW (HWECC for Micron MT29F2G08ABAEAWP etc.)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP256_CW4_D0L28
[+] Added ECC correction scheme RTL_P2K_SP64_CW4_D6L10
[+] Added ECC correction scheme QCOM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S24L10
[+] Added soft power on option for JTAG and BDM
[+] Added auto-names for MCU and BDM modules (context menu for R/W files)
[+] Added "Encode blank pages" option for ECC encode (context menu for R/W files)
[+] Added BBT database and new BBT models
[+] Added BBT create function for Linux BBT
[+] Added UBI big endian (BE32) dumps support (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added UBI CRC32 check in block data (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added UBI CRC32 info for data blocks (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Show UBI Block Details" option (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Show UBI Empty Blocks" option (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Detect ECC" option (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Analyze and Detect ECC all blocks" option (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added mount on MTD Block mode for JFFS2 (NAND)
[+] Added 8-bit devices support NOR
[+] Added bus mode selection for NOR (GUI)
[+] Added bus mode x8/x16 autodetection NOR
[+] Added background color in log export to HTML
[+] Added new SPI and NOR models
[-] Fixed 16-byte password bug (SD/eMMC)
[-] Bug fixes

V2.1.2 (2023-10-09)
[+] Added support for LPC43S67 CPU
[+] Added ECC correction scheme RTD_P2K_SP64_CW4_D6L10
[+] Added additional ONFI modes "Default", "Unknown model", "Always" (Misc. NAND, SNAND)
[+] Added HWECC correctable errors display feature (SNAND)
[+] Added HWECC uncorrectable errors display feature (SNAND)
[+] Added new model database format (SNAND)
[+] Added model selection feature (SNAND)
[+] Added W25N02Gx 2-dies IC support (SAND)
[+] Added ONFI page detection during ID reading (SNAND)
[+] Added UDEV button highlighting for opened UDEV (GUI)
[+] Added user flash size in UDEV for ITE and Nuvoton (MCU)
[+] Added registers support and description (SNAND)
[+] Added OTP reading feature (SNAND)
[+] Added new Serial NAND models
[+] Added new Nuvoton NPCE68A, NPCE68B models (MCU)
[-] Fixed zero pages writing in MStar ISP mode (VGA/HDMI socket)

V2.1.1 (2023-08-09)
[+] Added software support period extension
[+] Added Serial NAND mount chip feature
[+] Added new VGA/HDMI socket support
[+] Added I2C pinout autodetect for VGA/HDMI socket
[+] Added VGA test mode 640x480 60Hz for VGA/HDMI socket
[+] Added fixed mode (I2C/UART) for VGA/HDMI socket
[+] Added fast software mode switch UART/I2C EEPROM
[+] Added MStar ISP SPI mode over I2C for VGA/HDMI socket
[+] Added MStar SPI flash menu (Misc.)
[+] Added MStar SPI flash registers R/W feature
[+] Added MStar SPI flash OTP R/W feature
[+] Added MStar SPI flash Unprotect feature
[+] Added EDID info during I2C bus scan
[+] Added partial access mode for BDM and JTAG (address, size)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP128_CW4_S19L13
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P2K_SP64_CW2_D9L21P12
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P2K_SP128_CW2_D9L21P12
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S16L3
[+] Added 100x SPI flash models and manufacturers (Infineon, ESMT, Puya etc.)
[+] Added 100x I2C EEPROM models and manufacturers
[-] Bug fixes

V2.1.0 (2023-05-30)
[+] Added MCU module and socket
[+] Added ITE microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added ENE microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added Weltrend microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added Nuvoton microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added Explore microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added MEC16XX microcontrollers support (MCU)
[+] Added MEC16XX EEPROM password unlock/bruteforce (MCU)
[+] Added MEC1621/MEC1633 EEPROM read/write function (MCU)
[+] Added Renesas R8C family support (MCU)
[+] Added Renesas RL78 family support (MCU)
[+] Added Renesas RX100 family support (MCU)
[+] Added Renesas RX200 family support (MCU)
[+] Added Notebook FFC connection type (MCU)
[+] Added clock generation on XTL IO (MCU socket)
[+] Added s-records *.srec, *.s19, *.s28, *.s37, *.mot support (MCU и BDM)
[+] Added read/write using s-records feature (MCU и BDM)
[+] Added Windows x64 version with maximum buffer size 32Gb
[+] Added Auto actions button and context menu (GUI)
[+] Added User-defined Auto actions task for every module (ID/Erase/Blank/Write/Verify)
[+] Added Auto action in Hotkeys (Settings)
[+] Added Voltage ID change event
[+] Added Power menu for all modules
[+] Added Pins Test function for MCU and SNAND
[+] Added User-defined application home directory (Settings)
[+] Added dynamic UDEV menu for Device subfolders ("/Device/MCU", "/Device/SDMMC" etc.)
[+] Added Silicon Labs CP2102 emulation (UART)
[+] Added fixed mode for Silicon Labs CP2102 emulation (UART)
[+] Added detailed IC model selection dialog (GUI)
[+] Added new flash model format and database (SPI)
[+] Added new model add/edit feature (SPI)
[+] Added Password read/write/unlock functions (SPI)
[+] Added OTP operation warning message (SPI)
[+] Added Global Unblock feature (SPI)
[+] Added user GUI IO direction/state support (GPIO)
[+] Added dump conversion to MTD (Context menu, ECC)
[+] Added second ECC algo support (UDEV)
[+] Added HWECC support for chips like MICRON MT29F2G08ABAEAWP (NAND)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MARVELL_P2K_SP64_CW1_S32L30
[+] Added ECC correction scheme S3C_P2K_SP64_CW1_S40L4
[+] Added ECC correction scheme IMX_P2K_SP64_CW4_D10L13
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ALITECH_P2K_SP128_CW2_D4L42
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S2L14
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW8_S8L3_ASMNI
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HISILICON_P2K_SP64_CW2_D0L14
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S9L7
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM_P2K_SP128_CW4_S2L14
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ALITECH_P2K_SP64_CW2_D4L28
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP232_CW4_D8L21
[+] Added ECC correction scheme PANTUM_P2K_SP64_CW4_D0L11
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HP_P2K_SP64_CW4_S12L13 и HP_P2K_SP64_CW4_S12L13X
[+] Added ECC correction scheme TCC_P8K_SP744_CW8_S4L70_S576L70
[+] Added new SPI models Boya, Sanyo, ZBit, etc. (SPI)
[+] Added new SPI EEPROM models
[-] Bug fixes

V2.0.9 (2022-06-08)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SSS_P2K_CW4_D6L10 (SSS8873, SSS8883, PS2134 etc.)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme NVT_P4K_SP224_CW8_S3L13
[+] Added ECC correction scheme NVT_P4K_SP256_CW8_S3L13
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P8K_SP640_CW8_S10L70
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P4K_SP224_CW8_S9L7V2
[+] Added ECC correction scheme TOSHIBA_P2K_SP64_CW4_S32L3
[+] Added ECC correction scheme AMLOGIC_P4K_SP224_CW4_D2L53
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP256_CW4_D9L42
[+] Added ECC correction scheme QCOM_P2K_SP64_CW4_D5L7
[+] Added ECC correction scheme NXP_P2K_SP64_CW4_S12L13
[+] Added BBT LG NT72XXXX Bad block table support for 4K pages
[+] Added support for XTX PN26G01AWSIUG and MICRON MT29F2G01ABAGD3W (SNAND)
[+] Added new eMMC Samsung firmware signatures
[+] Added new ID's (NOR)
[+] Added Echo Off feature (UART)
[-] Fixed space symbol sending from keyboard (UART)
[-] Fixed work with network drives
[-] Fixes in GZIP packing

V2.0.8 (2022-02-11)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ATMEL_P2K_SP64_CW4_S48L4
[+] Added quick Edit menu for RW files
[-] Bug fixes

V2.0.7 (2021-12-28)
[+] Added mount support for UBIFS, UFS, UFS2, JFFS2, VFAT file systems
[+] Added mount NAND Chip feature (directly on chip in socket)
[+] Added mount feature for Read-Only file systems like for block devices on UBI and MTD blocks
[+] Added mount log and error messages
[+] Added edit mounted file feature (in HexEditor)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme AMBARELLA_P2K_SP64_CW4_S6L10
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S40L3P11 (SLC NAND Printers)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme IMX_P4K_SP224_CW8_D10L26
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P2K_SP128_CW2_D9L42P11 (Blu-ray)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP256_CW4_D8L42 (MTK Sony)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP256_CW4_D8L42
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP128_CW4_S24L7P01 (Mstar SAT)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P4K_SP256_CW8_S18L14AX
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP112_CW4_S2L14AX
[+] Added ECC correction scheme NVT_P2K_SP64_CW4_S3L13 (LG NT726XX)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme PNX_P2K_SP64_CW4_D4L12 (Philips Q55x)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme PEAKS_P4K_SP224_CW4_D0L28
[+] Added ECC correction scheme TCC_P8K_SP448_CW8_S20L42_S12L7P10
[+] Added built-in Text Editor for UDEV and Scripts
[+] Added UDEV toolbar button and menu
[+] Added history for last opened UDEV and Script files
[+] Added Bad Blocks detection in file feature
[+] Added Extract Partitions from file feature
[+] Added "offline" geometry for NAND
[+] Added partitions range check in Skip BB mode (NAND)
[+] Added UBI partitions support (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Clear Erase Counters in UBI partitions feature (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Add/Remove Bad Blocks in UBI partitions feature (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Add/Remove Bad Blocks in partitions in Skip BB mode feature (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added user Geometry, ECC and BBM settings (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added standalone BBT (Bad Block Tables) functions Check, Update, Erase for (Misc.)
[+] Added "Update after write" BBT option (Misc.)
[+] Added LG NT72xxx BBT support
[+] Added Philips Q55X BBT support
[+] Added Philips QFU BBT support
[+] Added NAND106 BBT support (Printers)
[+] Added NAND107 BBT support (Printers)
[+] Added Sharp MS64 BBT support
[+] Added Ambarella BBT0 support
[+] Added Ambarella BBT2 support
[+] Added Samsung ULOCKPCH/LUCOPKHC BBT support
[+] Added verification using memory BBT feature (after write with BBT update)
[+] Added BBT params use after Dump Analysis without UDEV
[+] Added new UDEV params and options
[+] Added Bitflips and ECC functions in Dump Analysis
[+] Added "Use existing Partitions" (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Bitflips detection and removing (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Partitions in R/W files" mode (Access mode, Partitions)
[+] Added full UBI Volumes listing (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added support for XSR dumps (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added HexEditor context menu
[+] Added Copy/Paste/Clear/Erase functions for selection (HexEditor)
[+] Added Go Address function (HexEditor)
[+] Added partial edit mode for R/W files (HexEditor)
[+] Added NAND mode in HexEditor
[+] Added spare highlighting in NAND mode (HexEditor)
[+] Added encode page ECC feature in NAND mode (HexEditor)
[+] Added Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+PgDown and '+' '-' NumPad keys for blocks in NAND mode (HexEditor)
[+] Added Alt+PgUp, Alt+PgDown and '/' '*' NumPad keys for pages in NAND mode (HexEditor)
[+] Added SpareLocation, RwFilesMode params (UDEV)
[+] Added text aliases for bbMgmt, bbDetect, bbMarkerOp params (UDEV)
[+] Added JTAG support and new functions (Scripts)
[+] Added RPMB Off function and menu (Misc.)
[+] Added CMD55, CMD56 support in scripts (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added CMD_STATUS, CMD_BUSY flags in SDMMC.cmd() function (Scripts)
[+] Added FFU update function (eMMC)
[+] Added FFU details in log (eMMC)
[+] Added Lifetimer reset for Hynix eMMC
[+] Added Micron Health Report (Misc., Micron Internals)
[+] Added firmware signatures database (eMMC Samsung)
[+] Added "Restore CID" feature after FW update (eMMC Samsung)
[+] Added "Format and Reset MoviNAND" function (eMMC Samsung)
[+] Added new ID's and models (SNAND)
[-] Fixed file close error after file mount
[-] Fixed errors NAND chip mount errors in RW mode
[*] "Low level format" function renamed to "Factory Reset" (eMMC Samsung)
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.6 (2021-04-12)
[+] Added CID and CSD info during restore from .UBAK
[+] Added SPI/I2C/mWire/1W/UART socket support
[+] Added LG BBMINFO MSB Bad block table support
[+] Added LG BCM35XX partitions int support
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ALLWINNER_P8K_SP448_CW8_S4L49P0
[+] Added ECC correction scheme ALLWINNER_P8K_SP640_CW8_S4L56
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM3556_P2K_SP64_CW4_S9L7H (LG LD03 etc.)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW8_S40L3_EBO10
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW8_S40L3_RBOUP1
[+] Added ECC correction scheme HAMM_P2K_SP64_CW4_S8L3
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P4K_SP224_CW8_S14L14AX
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP64_CW2_D0L32
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP128_CW4_S18L13P01
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP128_CW4_S18L14AX
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP64_CW4_S2L14AX
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTAR_P2K_SP128_CW4_S4L28
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P2K_SP128_CW4_D8L7U1
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P2K_SP128_CW4_D8L17U1
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MTK_P4K_SP224_CW4_D9L21
[+] Added BBM, ECC and AnalysisOnID params support in UDEV format
[+] Added "Device" action for fast UDEV loading (Hotkeys)
[+] Added [INFO] section in UDEV format
[+] Added params checking in UDEV
[+] Added UDEV auto-closing on mode change
[+] Added menu "Analysis on ID" (SDMMC, Misc.)
[+] Added "Exclude RPMB from Full Backup" option (Settings, SDMMC)
[+] Added BUFFER.xor8() and BUFFER.sum32() functions (Scripts)
[+] Added new ID's and models (NAND, SPI)
[+] Added new firmware update format
[-] Fixes in Clk settings (I2C EEPROM)
[-] Fixes in ECC errors calculation
[-] Fixed task break for uncorrectable ECC errors
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.5 (2021-01-24)
[+] Added RPMB menu (eMMC, Misc.)
[+] Added RPMB support in programmer firmware
[+] Added RPMB "Authentication" function
[+] Added RPMB "Write Authentication Key" function
[+] Added RPMB partition in Full Backup
[+] Added info about RPMB counter and key in log

V2.0.4 (2020-12-29)
[+] Added new universal Dump Analysis for LG, Samsung etc. (NAND, ONAND, SNAND)
[+] Added new "Use Reserved Area" BAD block management version (NAND, ONAND, SNAND)
[+] Added User, IC and Dump geometry selection in Dump Analysis
[+] Added "Correct ECC in Partitions only" option in Dump Analysis
[+] Added "Analysis on ID" function and menu (Misc.)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme autodetection
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SEMS 2K S6L10 (Samsung X9 etc.)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme BCM35230 4K S9L7 (LG35230)
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTARM1A 2K S8L8
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTARM1A 2K S12L20
[+] Added ECC correction scheme MSTARM1A 2K S7L7
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SATURN7 2K S9L7
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SATURN7 2K D6L10
[+] Added ECC correction scheme SATURN7 512B S6L10
[+] Added "Check ECC errors" function and context menu for R/W files
[+] Added "Correct ECC errors" function and context menu for R/W files
[+] Added "Encode ECC data" function and context menu for R/W files
[+] Added "User marker offset in page" BAD block detection
[+] Added "BAD blocks table" BAD block detection
[+] Added "Do not write blank data" option for NAND, SNAND, ONAND, SPI (Misc.)
[+] Added default file "tv.mmc.pbi" for Platform Backup
[+] Added ISP mode for Weltrend WT61P4
[+] Added SHA256 support in checksums calculation and Scripts
[+] Added settings for NAND first page dump size (Settings)
[+] Added "Do not stop verification on errors" option for SD/eMMC (Settings)
[-] Fixes and changes in icPower() function
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.3 (2020-11-02)
[+] Added "Check Keys" function for QV14/QV15 platform (mounted FS)
[+] Added "Extract Keys" function for QV14/QV15 platform (mounted FS)
[+] Added "Restore Keys" function for QV14/QV15 platform (mounted FS)
[+] Added "Extract Boot" function for QV14 platform (mounted FS)
[+] Added repair feature for corrupted cert's on QV14/QV15 platform (mounted FS)
[+] Added "Platform Backup" function for SD/eMMC
[+] Added "Platform Restore" function for SD/eMMC
[+] Added "Platform Verify" function for SD/eMMC
[+] Added PBI folder and .pbi files for "Platform Backup" function
[+] Added "Full Backup" and "Platform Backup" buttons (SDMMC)
[+] Added support for Gigadevice GD25LQ family (SPI)
[+] Added bank selection for Spansion S25FL256S model (SPI)
[+] Added new ID's and models (NAND, NOR, SPI)
[-] Fixes in mounted point for EXT4 in RW mode
[-] Fixes in function (Scripts)
[*] Changes in eMMC patrition selection
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.2 (2020-10-12)
[+] Added support for Zbit Semi ZB25VQ family (SPI)
[+] Added new SFDP menu and modes (SPI, Misc.)
[+] Added UID and OTP support для Spansion (SPI)
[+] Added 2xCE Sharp flash detection (NOR)
[+] Added "Set access to USER partition on ID reading" option (Settings, SDMMC)
[+] Added icPartition() function (Scripts)
[+] Added "Create Folder" feature for mounted FS (File Manager)
[+] Added remove folder feature for mounted FS (File Manager)
[+] Added .hash files verification for mounted FS (File Manager)
[+] Added Srcolling mode selection for Log
[+] Added USB low voltage warning in status bar (less than 4.75V)
[+] Added stop icon for running script (GUI)
[+] Added Enable/Disable EEPROM Emulation feature (BDM)
[+] Added new ID's and models (NAND, SNAND, NOR, SPI)
[-] Fixes in 2IO and 4IO modes for Macronix (SPI)
[-] Fixes in SFDP params reading (SPI)
[-] Fixes in geometry by ID detection (SPI)
[-] Fixes in BDM module
[*] Changes in eMMC patrition selection
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.1 (2020-09-04)
[+] Added Mount File feature
[+] Added Mount Chip feature
[+] Added built-in File Manager and toolbar button
[+] Added support for EXT4, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, SQUASHFS
[+] Added File System (FS) type detection during Dump Analysis
[+] Added mounted file view in HexEditor feature
[+] Added FS type field in UDEV files
[+] Added partFS() setPartFS() TPARTITIONS members (Scripts)
[+] Added FS_EXT4, FS_FAT16, FS_FAT32, FS_NTFS, FS_SQUASHFS types (Scripts)
[+] Added 4-bit mode checkbox for UFPI PRO (eMMC)
[+] Added 4-bit write mode with VCCQ 1V8 for UFPI PRO (eMMC, Misc.)
[+] Added Lifetimer reset for Hynix eMMC v5.1 (eMMC, Misc.)
[+] Added RST_N Function config option (eMMC boot config)
[+] Added Clk restore after params RW functions (eMMC)
[+] Added GPIO module
[+] Added TGPIO object and members (Scripts)
[+] Added 4-byte address option (SPI model editor)
[+] Added multi-dies chip erase for Micron (SPI)
[+] Added functions for UID and OTP (SPI)
[+] Added functions for Security Registers (SPI)
[+] Added model selection dialog for IC's with the same ID (SPI)
[+] Added "Clear User Model" menu item (SPI, Misc.)
[+] Added menu items for Statuses/Registers (SPI, Misc.)
[+] Added OTP and UID support for Micron, Winbond, Macronix and Gigadevice (SPI)
[+] Added Gigadevice GD25Qxxx family full support (SPI)
[+] Added Intel J3 and C3 series support (NOR)
[+] Added multi-byte programming for Intel algo (NOR)
[+] Added sectrors unlock function (NOR)
[+] Added initial support for IC's with Muxed bus (NOR)
[+] Added support for Logger rev.B PCB
[+] Added global rand() function (Scripts)
[+] Added UART.gpioPulse() function (Scripts)
[+] Added Tabs for GPIO and 1-Wire modules
[+] Added new flash ID's and models (NOR, SPI, NAND)
[-] Fixes in I2C address selection (I2C EEPROM)
[-] Fixes in model selection for I2C/mWire/SPI EEPROM
[-] Fixes in 1/4-bit user mode switching (eMMC)
[-] Fixes in conversion ULOG to .SR (Logger)
[-] Fixes in Pinstest algo (NAND)
[-] Fixes in SDMMC.cmd() function
[-] Fixes in I2C EEPROM module
[*] Free License for Serial NAND module
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language
[*] Updated translations

V2.0.0 (2020-05-18)
[!] Huge update. Full changelog at support forum.

V1.2.5 (2019-12-30)
[+] Added UFPI Pro support
[+] Added 8-Bit eMMC bus support (UFPI Pro)
[+] Added "Allow writing files bigger than the size of the IC" feature (Settings, UFPI)
[+] Added "Show errors for blocks" feature (Settings, NAND, ONAND, SNAND)
[+] Added "Do not stop verification on errors" feature (Settings, NAND, ONAND, SNAND)
[+] Added GZIP unpacking on load from ".gzip" file into Buffer
[+] Added GZIP packing on save to ".gzip" file from Buffer
[+] Added UART support in scripts and TUART object (Scripts)
[+] Added new CRC16, CRC32 and SHA-1 THASH members (Scripts)
[+] Added reverseBits() и reverseBytes() functions (Scripts)
[+] Added OW.read1() and OW.write1() function (Scripts)
[+] Added ability to enter user status values (SPI, Status config)
[+] Added "Save As" feature in file overwrite dialog
[+] Added checksum/hash calculation for flash writing
[+] Added checksum/hash calculation for Partitions mode
[+] Added checksum/hash settings saving
[+] Added auto-name function for Partition on Dump Analysis
[+] Added "Sectors, Count" access mode (SPI, RW Mode)
[+] Added confirmation for existing files rewriting in Partition mode (RW Mode)
[+] Added current path check and selection in Partition mode (RW Mode)
[+] Added new NOR models and manufacturers (NOR)
[-] Fixes in read/verify/blank check functions (NAND)
[-] Fixed speed calculation in full backup (SDMMC)
[-] Fixed "random events" on language switching under WinXP
[-] Fixed error in "Load From Folder" function for Partitions with xxx.yyy.bin filenames (RW Mode, Partitions)
[*] Decreased data size in packet in flash writing (NOR)
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language
[*] Updated translations

V1.2.4 (2019-11-16)
[+] Added "Read retry on error" parameter (Settings, SDMMC)
[+] Added password brute-force (SDMMC)
[+] Added password brute-force resume feature (SDMMC)
[+] Added TFile.writeString() function (Scripts)
[+] Added playSound function (Scripts)
[+] Added BDM and 1-Wire support for scripts
[+] Added S-Records check feature (Util, Conversion)
[+] Added MCU Read/Write using S-Records (BDM)
[+] Added Read/Write/Verify/Erase EEPROM feature (BDM)
[+] Added Read/Write Memory using Buffer feature (BDM)
[+] Added support for MC9S12XA, MC9S12XB, MC9S12XD families (BDM)
[+] Added support for MC9S08AC128, MC9S08AC96 (BDM)
[+] Added support for MC9S12XF128, MC9S12XF256, MC9S12XF512 (BDM)
[+] Added support for MC9S12E32, MC9S12E64 и MC9S12E128 (BDM)
[+] Added support for D-Flash partitioning (D-Flash Info, Partition, Partition Full) (BDM)
[+] Added delay before connect after power-on (BDM)
[+] Added 4PP (Quad IO) write mode (SNAND)
[+] Added "Read/Write using Buffer" menu item (GUI)
[+] Added Toshiba and Numonyx and MuxOneNAND ID detection (OneNAND)
[+] Added Toshiba MuxOneNAND models (OneNAND)
[+] Added Generic 24C01P4, 24C01P4 I2C EEPROM models with 4-byte page
[+] Added new ID's and models (NOR)
[+] Added SPI full chip erase mode for S4LJ162X01 CPU (JTAG)
[-] Fixes in work with SPI flash for S4LJ162X01 CPU (JTAG)
[-] Fixes in work with IFlash for JUPUTER4E CPU (JTAG)
[-] Fixes in CMSIS-DAP fixed mode (JTAG)
[-] Fixes in NOR module
[-] Fixes in color marker (#C) detection
[-] Fixes in VREF mode with SPI module
[-] Fixed detected max. clock value (to model max clk) (SNAND)
[-] Fixed parameters for EM73C044SNB model (SNAND)
[*] Changes in timings calculation after Sync (BDM)
[*] Changed Box CPU speed for SPI module
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language
[*] Updated translations

V1.2.3 (2019-07-15)
[+] Added Partitioning menu (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added GUI form for BOOT/RPMB and GPP Partitioning (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added GPP Partitioning procedure (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added eMMC firmware read/write feature (eMMC, Samsung internals)
[+] Added Format function (eMMC, Samsung internals)
[+] Added new Script functions (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added new params in log (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added erased content value detection (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added Password functions (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added Password menu Unlock/Lock/Set/Clear/Erase (SD/eMMC, Misc.)
[+] Added new read/write modes (SD)
[+] Added new Async IO mode version
[+] Added timeouts for USB IO in Async IO
[+] Added forced task termination on application shutdown
[+] Added speed calculation for read/write/verify tasks
[+] Added speed info for read/write/verify tasks in the statsus bar
[+] Added Serial NAND module (SNAND)
[+] Added maximum clock autodetection (SNAND)
[+] Added x2 and x4 IO modes support (SNAND)
[+] Added clock selection menu (SNAND)
[+] Added user clock feature (SNAND)
[+] Added "NO spare" and "Async" modes support (SNAND)
[+] Added Winbond, GigaDevice models support (SNAND)
[+] Added EM73C044S support (SNAND)
[+] Added UID reading (SNAND)
[+] Added ONFI support (SNAND)
[+] Added support for BBM LUT Winbond (SNAND)
[+] Added menu BBM LUT, "add record" feature (SNAND)
[+] Added 300ms delay before execution for tasks in queue
[+] Added "Erase before write" feature (NAND/OneNAND/SNAND)
[+] Added "during erase" BAD blocks detection mode (NAND/OneNAND/SNAND)
[+] Added Samsung XSR support (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added info about BAD blocks during writting (NAND)
[+] Added info about Output B in the status panel
[+] Added info about working mode (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added info about error address for read/write/verify tasks
[+] Added extended power menu and switches for all modules
[+] Added "User voltage" power mode
[+] Added "Soft ON" poweron mode
[+] Added trigger feature (Logger)
[+] Added buffer size option (Logger)
[+] Added save ULOG from Buffer feature (Buffer->Save ULOG)
[+] Added conversion ULOG from Buffer to Sigrok (Conversion->ULOG to Sigrok (Buffer))
[+] Added warning about incorrect data sizes for write/verification
[+] Added exception handling for Buffer
[-] Fixes in box state monitoring
[-] Fixes in verification in skip BAD blocks mode (NAND)
[-] Fixes in ECC encoding for QFU
[-] Fixes in Scripts forced stop
[-] Fixed in SD/eMMC module
[-] Fixes in zero size BOOT/RPMB partitons creation (SD/eMMC)
[-] Fixes in Scripting functions (SD/eMMC)
[-] Fixes in size correction in skip BAD blocks mode (NAND)
[-] Fixes in 3 and 4-bit modes (Logger)
[-] Fixes in ECC settings saving (NAND)
[-] Fixes in CID and CSD restore (eMMC)
[-] Fixes in erase function (SDHC)
[-] Fixes in show first page dump function (SPI)
[-] Fixes in Buffer read/write functions
[-] Fixes in file selection in Partition RW Mode
[*] Changed maximum Buffer size (to 1.5 GiB)
[*] Changed default clock (to 1MHz) for config functions (SD/eMMC)
[*] Changes in CID, CSD and EXT_CSD saving in logs (eMMC)
[*] Changes in BAD blocks request function (OneNAND)
[*] Changes in pinstest module
[*] Changes in power functions for all modules
[*] Changes in PLL clock generation
[*] Changes in work with partitions (NAND)
[*] Changed all hotkeys to CTRL and ALT combinations
[*] Updated manufacturers table (SD)
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language
[*] Updated translations

V1.2.0 (2019-03-01)
[+] Added ECC scheme for Novatek NT72558 (SENK12, SENK13)
[+] Added ECC scheme for Novatek NT72558 RS 4/512/S0/L16/2K (page 0x840)
[+] Added ECC schemes for OneNAND
[+] Added ECC scheme for OneNAND HAMM 1/512/S0/L16/1K (page 0x420)
[+] Added ECC scheme for OneNAND HAMM 1/512/S0/L16/2K (page 0x840)
[+] Added ECC scheme for OneNAND HAMM 4/512/S0/L16/4K (page 0x1080)
[+] Added ECC check skipping for blank pages with bit errors (SEMS BCH)
[+] Added ECC correction by scheme in flash read/verify (NAND)
[+] Added single ECC statistics algo for all modules
[+] Added new universal RFS Dump Analysis for NAND/OneNAND
[+] Added "Hardware Info" button (UFPI tab)
[+] Added TSDMMC object for access to SD/eMMC memory (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in TSDMMC object (Scripts)
[+] Added BAD block request on ID reading (NAND)
[+] Added BAD block management mode "Use Reserved Area"
[+] Added RFS support for "Use Reserved Area" mode
[+] Added Polish translation (Thanks IMP)
[+] Added SST algo (NOR)
[-] Fixes in ID detection (NOR)
[-] Fixes in CFI reading (NOR)
[-] Fixes NOR, NAND and OneNAND modules
[*] Increased data size for I2C buffer commands (Scripts)
[*] Changes in settings and GUI
[*] Changes in eMMC info format
[*] Changes in Erase function
[*] Changes in Power Fault settings and mode
[*] Changes in ECC encoding for QFU
[*] Changes in dump creation (Dump Analysis)
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language

V1.1.9 (2019-01-25)
[+] Added ECC Schemes support
[+] Added ECC Scheme "Samsung SEMS BCH 24/1024/S0/L54" (HIGH_X6_ATSC_DVB_LED/HIGH PDP X6 platform)
[+] Added ECC Scheme "Philips QFU BCH 8/512/S70/L14" (Philips QFU platform)
[+] Added option "Check and fix ECC errors" (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added mode "Samsung RFS NAND with spare. Build flash file for current IC from dump." (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added mode "Philips QFU" (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added ECC rebuild in RFS BBT function (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Advanced/Simple mode switching (NAND model Editor)
[+] Added Read Retry feature support (Micron NAND)
[+] Added Drive Strength feature support (Micron NAND)
[+] Added Read Retry and Drive Strength parameters (NAND model Editor)
[+] Added UID reading in ID detection (Micron NAND)
[+] Added Read Retry info in detailed log (NAND)
[+] Added UID info in detailed log (NAND)
[+] Added mode() and version() functions (Scripts)
[+] Added new NAND models
[-] Fixed block/page addressing in "big" NANDs
[-] Fixes in ONFI extended parameters reading (NAND)
[-] Fixes in ONFI ECC requirements reading (NAND)
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language

V1.1.8 (2018-12-27)
[+] Added NOR module
[+] Added NOR flash model editor
[+] Added SPI flash model editor
[+] Added universal pintest feature
[+] Added pintest feature for SD/eMMC module
[+] Added pintest feature for OneNAND module
[+] Added pintest feature for SPI module
[+] Added pintest feature for NOR module
[+] Added menus for pintest feature (Misc. Functions)
[+] Added TDIR object (Scripts)
[+] Added TNOR object (Scripts)
[+] Added TNAND object (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in the TPARTITIONS object (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in the TFILE objects (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in the TNAND object (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in the TNOR object (Scripts)
[+] Added new members in the TDIALOG object (Scripts)
[+] Added functions swapBytes16, swapBytes32, swapBytes64 (Scripts)
[+] Added info about Current Folder in log (Partitions mode)
[+] Added info about Current Filename in log (Partitions mode)
[+] Added NOR tab (Settings)
[+] Added NOR settings for dump print, detailed info on ID reading (NOR)
[+] Added Hotkeys support and tab (Settings)
[+] Added new ID's and models (NAND, OneNAND, SPI, EEPROM)
[-] Fixes in SPIFI.cmdReadBuff() and SPIFI.cmdWriteBuff() (Scripts)
[-] Fixes in SPIFI.cmdReadX() and SPIFI.cmdWriteX() (Scripts)
[-] Fixes in BUFFER.dump() (Scripts)
[-] Fixes in TFILE2.readX() member (Scripts)
[-] Fixes in TFILE2.writeX() member (Scripts)
[-] Fixes in patition(s) removing (Partitions mode)
[*] Changes in NAND module
[*] Changes in OneNAND module
[*] Changes in socket powering mode (SD/eMMC)
[*] Changes in Current Folder selection (Access mode)
[*] Changes in RFS signature search (Dump Analysis)
[*] Changes for Async IO mode selection
[*] Updated PDF for Scripting Language

V1.1.6 (2018-07-27)
[+] Added pintest feature (NAND)
[+] Added pintest "On/Off" menu (Misc. Functions)
[+] Added BAD block handling with switched off BAD blocks detection (NAND)
[+] Added Flex OneNAND support
[+] Added "Change PI Block" menu for Flex OneNAND (Misc. Functions)
[+] Added 10 read retry attempts on errors in Sync IO mode
[+] Added Read/Write/Verify with GZIP archives
[+] Added GZIP compression level settings
[+] Added Pack/Unpack GZIP file menu
[+] Added MC9S08AW60/AW48/AW32/AW16 MCU's support (BDM)
[+] Added Weltrend MCU's support
[+] Added progress in taskbar
[+] Added "Clear last used filenames on startup" menu (Settings)
[+] Added "Use OS native separators in filenames" menu (Settings)
[+] Added I2C EEPROM model auto-detection
[+] Added Generic I2C EEPROM models
[+] Added new functions in I2C module
[+] Added mWire EEPROM model auto-detection
[+] Added Generic mWire EEPROM
[+] Added non-zero SPI statuses output to log with another color
[+] Added array support in Scripting language
[+] Added forced Script termination after 1 second timeout
[+] Added "Add and Remove partitions" feature (RW Mode, Partitions, Context menu)
[+] Added "Save to UDEV file" feature (RW Mode, Partitions, Context menu)
[+] Added UTF-8 UDEV file encoding and saving by default
[+] Added edit Part field feature (RW Mode, Partitions)
[+] Added "Save as HTML, Text" menu item in Log context menu
[+] Added "FilePosEquAddr" checkbox (RW Mode, partitions)
[+] Added automatic filename generation using IC parameters
[+] Added history for last used R/W filenames
[+] Added context menu for R/W filenames history and filename generation
[+] Added settings for history context menu (Settings, Programmer)
[+] Added new UFPI and OS translations
[+] Added separate Windows XP version
[+] Added new ID's and models (NAND, OneNAND, SPI, EEPROM)
[-] Fixes for SD/eMMC with size less than 2 GiB
[-] Fixed exit on error in Async mode (NAND)
[-] Fixes in SPI sector erasing
[-] Fixes in NAND erasing using Package
[-] Fixes in work with Packages
[-] Fixed application auto-update for Windows 7
[-] Fixed last window position restore after exit in maximized state
[-] Fixes in USB subsystem
[*] Changed timings in I2C module
[*] New Script lib version

V1.1.5 (2018-05-18)
[+] Added Power On/Off feature for SD/eMMC socket
[+] Added "Write CID #2" method for Samsung eMMC's like KLM4G1FE3B-B001
[+] Added "Allow multiple applications execution" option (Programmer Settings)
[+] Added ULOG extention for Logger files
[+] Added Conversion from ULOG в .SR files (Sigrok V2)
[+] Added speed selection (Fast/Normal/Slow) for OneNAND
[+] Added Async IO mode support for OneNAND
[+] Added Async IO settings saving (NAND, SDMMC)
[+] Added "PartitionsMode" param for PARTITIONS section (UDEV)
[+] Added "FilePosEquAddr" param for PARTITIONS section (UDEV)
[+] Added "File Pos" param (5th) in patition description for PARTITIONS section (UDEV)
[+] Added new memu "Samsung internals" (eMMC)
[+] Added new menu "File, Close Device" (GUI)
[+] Added new menu "File, Close Package" (GUI)
[+] Added new menu "ONFI, On" (NAND, Misc.)
[+] Added new menu "ONFI, Check CRC" (NAND, Misc.)
[+] Added file selection for multiple items (Mode RW, Partititons)
[+] Added Ingnore Power Fault settings channel A/B (UFPI tab)
[+] Added info about Power Fault to Log
[+] Added exit from "Fault Mode" on box button press
[+] Added new flash ID's and models (SPI, NAND, OneNAND, EEPROM)
[-] Fixed bugs for Partitions R/W mode
[-] Fixed modes list in "RW Mode" window for English language
[*] Changes in NAND Model editor (fields clearing on new ID)
[*] Changes in Dump Analysis (not executing with loaded UDEV)
[*] Changes in eMMC Full Backup partitions order: Boot1, Boot2, User, GPP, RPMB (eMMC)
[*] Changes in work with internal Buffer (Memory Allocation)
[*] Changes in WEB Updates module
[*] Changes in Logger module
[*] New USB lib version

V1.1.4 (2018-04-23)
[+] Added new RW mode "Partitions"
[+] Added "Autonames" function (RW Mode, Partitions)
[+] Added new filenames format agreement (RW Mode, Partitions)
[+] Added "Load Partitions from Folder" function (RW Mode, Partitions)
[+] Added "Create Empty files" menu item (RW Mode, Partitions)
[+] Added "Part" and "Filename" params for section [PARTITIONS] (UDEV)
[+] Added "RawAddrMode" parameter for section PARTITIONS (UDEV)
[+] Added Extended CSD writing from file (eMMC)
[+] Added Health Info for IC versions from V5.0 (eMMC)
[+] Added "Unprotect" button (SPI)
[+] Added "Macronix Special" unprotect method (SPI)
[+] Added statuses descriptions for Winbond (SPI)
[+] Added "Status Config" function (SPI)
[+] Added clock switching to 2MHz before status change (SPI)
[+] Added status verification after status change (SPI)
[+] Added MX25L2026С/D and MX25L4026C/D unprotect support (SPI)
[+] Added first page dump print (SPI)
[+] Added detailed info about IC on I-Button (SPI)
[+] Added settings for dump print, detailed info on ID reading (SPI)
[+] Added support for HCS08 cores (BDM)
[+] Added Unsecure button (BDM)
[+] Added Conversion menu (GUI, Util)
[+] Added Conversion from S-Records to BIN
[+] Added Conversion from S-Records to BIN for current MCU (IFlash)
[+] Added Box fault mode on current overload
[+] Added MC9S08AC60, MC9S08AC48, MC9S08AC32 MCU's support (BDM)
[+] Added new flash ID's (SPI, NAND)
[-] Fixes in Read/Write/Verify routines
[-] Fixes in Paritions extraction (eMMC)
[-] Fixes in NAND module

V1.1.3 (2018-03-20)
[+] Added OneNAND module
[+] Added maximum current info for running task
[+] Added estimated time calculation for running task
[+] Added "OneNAND RFS, Build flash file" feature with ECC calculation (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added user BAD Blocks list feature (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added data checking in BAD Blocks feature (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added new details in Smart Report (eMMC)
[+] Added resize patitions support for KLMxGxxEHx (eMMC)
[+] Added info about BAD Blocks detection in log (NAND)
[+] Added chip size calculation in IC model editor (NAND)
[+] Added "Remove" button in IC model editor (NAND)
[+] Added "Mark BAD Block" function (NAND)
[+] Added partition extraction for dumps with с partinfo v1 (eMMC)
[+] Added first page dump print (OneNAND)
[+] Added info about OTP (OneNAND)
[+] Added info about RAM test (OneNAND)
[+] Added info about controller status (OneNAND)
[+] Added menu "Misc. Functions" (NAND/OneNAND tab)
[+] Added user Log separator and settings (Programmer Settings)
[+] Added print flash Blocks and Pages Map feature (NAND, OneNAND)
[+] Added new flash models (NAND)
[-] Fixed error in ECC params reading from ONFI table (NAND)
[-] Fixes in flash ID detection (NAND)
[-] Fixed error in busy signal waiting for 1V8 (NAND)
[-] Fixed BAD marker detection for 16-bit models (NAND)
[-] Fixed "slow" work for multiple tasks
[-] Fixed wrong info about partitions with Partitioning support = 0x00 (eMMC)
[-] Fixes in Partitions Resize function (eMMC)
[-] Fixed size info for "big" NAND IC's
[-] Fixes in web-updates system
[*] Changed in Verification function (NAND)
[*] Changes in Log output (GUI)

V1.1.2 (2018-02-10)
[+] New NAND module
[+] New USB Asynchronous IO (NAND and SD/eMMC)
[+] New Box firmware version
[+] Added SLC/MLC/TLC technology type (NAND)
[+] Added params for ECC requirements (NAND)
[+] Added verification with ECC requirements (NAND)
[+] Added cutom marker index (NAND)
[+] Added cutom marker value and operation (NAND)
[+] Added detailed info about IC on I-Button (NAND)
[+] Added BitsPerCell, ECCBits and ECCSizeCW params in config (NAND)
[+] Added BAD Blocks settings saving (NAND)
[+] Added Extended CSD Write Byte menu item (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added "Power Cycle" menu item (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added info about Reset Pin state (eMMC)
[+] Added info Erase Block size during Erase (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added "Full Backup" menu item (eMMC)
[+] Added chip detection without DAT0 (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added new configuration features (eMMC)
[+] Added GUI Status Configuration (SPI)
[+] Added status configuration for Macronix (SPI)
[+] Added data packing during USB IO in Asynchronous mode
[+] Added new ID's and models
[-] Fixed wrong Col/Row Addr Cycles reading from table (NAND)
[-] Fixes in Blank Check procedure (NAND)
[*] Changes in work with ONFI table (NAND)
[*] Removed status change during ID reading for all IC's (SPI)

V1.1.1 (2017-12-28)
[+] Added 2V6 voltage mode (ON OFF ON)
[+] Added additional VREF voltage mode (ON OFF OFF)
[+] Added ISP clock mode for SPI
[+] Added direct input from keboard checkbox (UART)
[+] Added RB low feature for NAND models like K9F1208U0M
[+] Added Partitions support for NAND module
[+] Added "Partitioning completed" in eMMC details
[+] Added device files support (.UDEV) for SD/eMMC and NAND modes
[+] Added [PARTITIONS] section in UDEV files
[+] Added CID and CSD writing (eMMC Samsung)
[+] Added Write Protect removing (eMMC Samsung)
[+] Added first page dump print (NAND and SD/eMMC)
[+] Added Dump Analysis for file for writing on ID reading (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added menu "Settings-GUI"
[+] Added menu "Settings-Programmmer"
[+] Added menu "Misc. Functions" (SD/eMMC tab)
[+] Added main window resizing
[+] Added GUI params autosave/restore
[+] Added log font selection and "Clear all" menu item
[+] Added keyboard shortcuts
[+] Added fast builtin Hex Editor call for read file (Ctrl-R)
[+] Added fast builtin Hex Editor call for write file (Ctrl-W)
[+] Added fast builtin Hex Editor call Buffer (Ctrl-B)
[+] Added BAD blocks removing from RFS Dump (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added Partitions extraction from RFS Dump (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added "Fix backup file using good dump" mode for RFS (Dump Analysis)
[+] Added settings for dump print, detailed info etc. on ID reading
[+] Added new ID's and models
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Fixed eMMC GPP partitions size detection
[-] Fixed eMMC revision detection
[-] Fixed switch from VREF to VCC
[-] Fixes for 25Q256/257/512 (SPI)
[-] Fixes for write from packages
[*] Changes in work with Buffer
[*] Changes in read/write file selection
[*] Changed SPI clock for ID detection (from 4 to 1 MHz)
[*] Changed maximum speed from ONFI params to 25ns (NAND)
[*] Changed default IO mode to Sync (NAND)
[*] Changed ranges for ID and Modes values

V1.1.0 (2017-11-03)
[+] Added WEB-Updates from site
[+] Added "Add/Edit IC" button (for NAND)
[+] Added Auto-Baud button and speed result (UART)
[+] Added GPT Partitions Analysis (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added LG TV Partitions Analysis (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added operations with extracted Partitions (SD/eMMC)
[+] Added time-stamps for connect/disconnect events in Logs
[+] Added log for every module
[+] Added new IC models
[+] New Box firmware version
[*] Changed File Save/Open Dialog filters

V1.0.9 (2017-10-04)
[+] Added Async IO for SD/eMMC (2x faster)
[+] Added Auto-Baud support for UART module
[+] Added Confirmations for Overwrite/Write/Erase/Exit actions
[+] Added Dump Analysis for Samsung RFS dumps
[+] Added Partition selection in Package Editor
[+] Added new IC models
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Fixes in eMMC parameters detection
[*] Changes in USB IO

V1.0.8 (2017-08-31)
[+] Added eMMC support
[+] Added UART module
[+] Added LOGGER module
[+] New Box firmware version
[+] Added new IC models
[*] Changes in USB IO

V1.0.7 (2017-07-04)
[+] New Box firmware version
[+] Added new IC models
[*] Changed software modules TAB's stack behavior

V1.0.6 (2017-06-07)
[+] Added "logic" NAND devices support
[+] Added multi-die NAND devices support
[+] Added new NAND flash models
[+] Added new SPI flash models
[+] On-fly NAND mode change (EMC<->GPIO)
[+] New Box firmware version
[*] Changed NAND flash ID detection
[*] Changed SPI flash ID detection
[*] NAND GPIO mode set as default
[-] Software bug fixes

V1.0.5 (2017-05-03)
[+] Added Package Editor and builder
[+] Added write/erase/verify from Package
[+] Added MC9S12XF CPU's support with direct access to flash
[+] Added new IC models
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Software bug fixes

V1.0.4 (2017-04-03)
[+] Added BDM module
[+] Added 1-Wire module
[+] Added SPI EEPROM module and support
[+] Added Microwire EEPROM module and support
[+] Added single module activation
[+] Added new IC models
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Software bug fixes

V1.0.3 (2017-03-07)
[+] Added JUPITER4E CPU support with direct access to flash
[+] Added S4LJ162X01 CPU support with direct access to flash
[+] Added Internal flash tab and support (JTAG)
[+] Added NOR flash tab and support (JTAG)
[+] Added NAND IO mode selection
[+] Added new NAND and SPI flash models
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Software bug fixes
[-] Firmware bug fixes

V1.0.2 (2017-02-13)
[+] Added Russian language localization
[+] Added NAND new mode - GPIO
[+] Added NAND mode selection (GUI)
[+] Added NAND access cycle selection (GUI)
[+] Added NAND flash model selection (GUI)
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Fixes in ECC BCH correction algo
[-] Software bug fixes
[-] Firmware bug fixes

V1.0.1 (2017-01-17)
[+] Added I2C hardware module
[+] Added I2C tab and EPPROM support
[+] Added IC model selection for SPI and EEPROM
[+] Added new script functions and objects
[+] New Box firmware version
[-] Software bug fixes
[-] Firmware bug fixes
[*] Log encoding changed to UTF8 by default
[!] Please use only latest software with latest box firmware

V1.0.0 (2016)
[+] Initial releases